About the Studio

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Alana's Philosophy of Music

*Music is fun and engaging, but becomes even more exciting with dedication and hard work.
*Students should have a thorough knowledge of note names, intervals, and counting.
*If a student has a firm foundation in rudimentary skills, he or she will be successful in pursuing whatever musical goal he or she has.
*Students should be given the tools to confidently problem solve on their own.

Teaching Style

Each private student is custom-taught. Some students have five books each week, some one. Some students spent lots of time off the piano bench playing musical games, some students are 100% playing. Every student is unique and I strive to find what makes him or her click.

Recitals and Competitions

Performances are optional, but encouraged. The studio offers two recitals each school year. As a member of MTNA, I offer competitions to my students. Students may also participate in Rice Lake's PianoFest or WSMA solo/ensemble festivals.

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