Oboe Offerings

2017-2018 School Year Oboe Packages

Full Year Lessons
Check out the Piano & Oboe Lessons page for more information! This option includes every-week lessons September-May and can be used in either internet video or in-person forms.

District Solo/Ensemble Package
$102- paid upfront at or before the first lesson. Includes 6 lessons (to be used in the two months leading up to contest) in either internet video (Skype, Face Time, Google Hangout, etc.) or in-person forms.

State Solo/Ensemble Package
$51- paid upfront at the first lesson after district solo/ensemble. Includes 3 lessons in either internet video or in-person forms.

FREE Oboe Studio Class Dates

Saturday, May 13, 2017- 10 AM- "Fall Auditions: Finding the Winning Reed, Embouchure, and Style"

Questions and Answers

Q: What do I get out of full year lessons that I don't get out of the solo/ensemble packages?

A: Weekly 30 minute lessons help develop a strong embouchure, develop advanced technique, and prepare for State Honors auditions. This option also enables the student to compete in local and state MTNA competitions. This option is for those wanting to develop themselves as an oboist.

Q: Why do I need private lessons for district solo/ensemble preparation?

A: Your band director is doing a great job! Your band director also has limited time and energy to focus on giving each and every student long lessons during the school day to work on rhythms, notes, and fingerings. A private teacher can help you find the best fingerings for the oboe (all the tricky alternate fingering passages!), adjust your oboe if it isn't working properly, correct embouchure problems (for ease of playing), work with oboe breathing (yes, it is different than all the other winds!), and help find/adjust your reeds to make the perfect reed. Private lessons during solo/ensemble prep give you the tools you need to have more successful home practice, which will lead to further success at district festivals.

Q: Why do I need additional private lessons for state solo/ensemble preparation?

A: Everybody who made it to state played very well at district, so the state judges are tougher. These lessons focus on further refining the piece to achieve the 1 or even Exemplary Soloist rating.

Q: What time works for taking lessons?

A: Internet lessons are super flexible! These can be scheduled before school in your band's practice room or during a study hall. I also have various times throughout the week. In-person lessons can mostly be scheduled on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with some random times available on the other week day evenings.

***For oboists wanting further study to enter honor’s orchestra/band auditions, competitions, college auditions, or for general all-around improvement on oboe please contact Mrs. Laufman about studying for the full school year to develop good embouchure, technique, tone, and for access to oboe and reed adjustments. 

Q: Which pieces do you recommend performing for solo/ensemble?

A: Talk to your band director about which piece he/she think is right for you. Here are some links to some of my favorite class A pieces!

Q: How do I start preparing on my own?

A: Find good recordings on youtube and listen, listen, listen! Listen with the music score. Clap and count rhythms until you know them. Study the piano part so you know how everything lines up. Order a bunch of good reeds. Once you understand the piece, start practicing!

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